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 The gazettE - Linda Candy Dive Pinky Heaven

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Distress an Coma
Distress an Coma

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PostSubject: The gazettE - Linda Candy Dive Pinky Heaven   Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:25 pm

- Japanese -

Subete wo nagesute mayou koto nante nai sa
Giragira kagayaku hoshi ni narouze "rinda..."

Pinky heven or bloody hell
"Sei" ka "shi" no abunoomaru geemu
Candy voice & devil's smile
Highkick'in the your head

Mae-dai mimon itan geisha dan fuuunji no gotoku koko kenzan da!
Roujakudanjo odoru shinzou hibiki wataru-e teion no arashi
Araarashii rizumu ni nori osoroshii hodo bakudan-teki nori
Kando baribari no oodiensu nomi oshiete shinse you ware michi's nori*

Otona ga tsukutta ruuru nante kowashite
O-hi-sama ageru made odori akasouze "rinda..."

Kusatta sekai wo supuree de nuritsubushite
Koko kara hajime you atarashii hibi wo..
Subete wo nagesute kowai mono nante nai sa
Giragira kagayaku hoshi ni narouze "rinda..."

"Candy dive pinky heven"

- English -

Pinky heaven or Bloody hell
It's an abnormal game of "Life" or "Death"
Candy voice & Devil's smile
Highkick'in in the your head

An unprecedented heresy geisha group, we appear like rowdies here
Everybody, from young to old and men and women, their hearts are dancing.
Deep bass storms surround the area.
They are in rough rhythm and awesomely enthusiastic, like a bomb.
I'll tell my what only to the audience with excellent sensitivity.

Let's destroy rules made by adults and
Dance until the sun comes up "Linda [?]
We spray out the spoiled world,
And shall we start from here, the new days [?]
We throw away everything. We aren't afraid of anything.
We can be sparklingly shining stars "Linda [?]
"Candy dive pinky heaven [?]
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The gazettE - Linda Candy Dive Pinky Heaven
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