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PostSubject: Important:Info   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:58 am

Nume adevarat: Uke Yutaka
Data nasterii: 28.10.1981
Zodia: scorpion
Grupa sanguina: B
Hobby: fotbal, gatitul
Culori preferate: negru, rosu, alb, verde, gri, auriu
Pierce: 2 in urechea stanga

Yutaka???.....Uke......really strange name :lol:
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The Invisible Wall
The Invisible Wall

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PostSubject: Re: Important:Info   Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:35 am

Kai (28th October 1981) is Japan’s drummer (??? Seriously, that's what it says). He is Visual-Kei band the GazettE’s member and also their leader. His blood type is B.

At first he claimed he was from Tokyo and New Jersey in America, but eventually that was corrected to Tokushima Prefecture.

Personal History

Born on the 28th of October in Tokushima Prefecture.

When he was in elementary school, he went to a Jazz Café and after getting overwhelmed by the drums, thought ‘I want to play the drums’ but hit a setback after his parent introduced him to the jazz drummer because he was too short and his feet could not reach the pedals. Nevertheless, he got back into the drums during senior high. However, he did not own a drum set, so he went about drumming desks, frying pans and magazines.

During 2002, when he attended a Gazette live, his first impression was that with their extensive musicianship he could ‘Drum with freedom’ and afterwards he joined them and is where he is now. This was due to the former Gazette drummer leaving soon after the formation of the Gazette and at the time Kai went to see their live, he was invited to become a member by Ruki**.


He usually has a quiet personality, but when he enters a musical performance, it’s as if he’s changed into another person with his violent drumming.

He frequently uses irregular rhythms in his playing style in his opinion and according to the members, ‘Kai’s the type of drummer to show off his specialty during lives’.

There are rumours that he tends to forget things a lot. Actually, he’s spoken about it in one of their live DVD interviews.

** [Kai’s actually mentioned in a comment that he joined the GazettE on Ruki’s birthday and he called himself Ruki’s birthday present! XD]
translated by focaccina@Lj .
LOL Kai a crescut in New Jersey ? WooHoo !!
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Distress an Coma
Distress an Coma

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PostSubject: Re: Important:Info   Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:05 pm

Uiii e scorpion ca mine really
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PostSubject: Re: Important:Info   

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