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 Ma'die Kusse

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PostSubject: Ma'die Kusse   Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:09 am

Ma’die Kusse was a kotekote visual band that, by now, disbanded. Three of their members would eventually move on to form ガゼット (later renamed to the GazettE) in 2002.
They formed on April 13th 2001 and had their last live on October 28th the same year.

Vocals 霞華 (Tetora, he later joined カミカゼ少年團 as 弖虎(Tetora))
Guitar 萸威 (Yui, now in GREEN HERB STRAIGHT TEA TIME as 沢田唯 (Sawada Yui))
Guitar 狂喜 (Kyouki, now in ガゼット/the GazettE as 麗 (Uruha))

Bass 澪祁 (Ryouki, now in ガゼット/the GazettE as れいた (Reita))
Drums 霧緋 (Kirihi, now in ガゼット/the GazettE as ルキ (Ruki))

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Ma'die Kusse
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